Change Stock Status Character length in OpenCart 3.x

Step-1 Locate:/admin/controller/localisation/stock_status.phpFind this line: if ((utf8_strlen($value[‘name’]) < 3) || (utf8_strlen($value[‘name’]) > 32)) {Change that 32 to your desired character length. like: 35 or 50 character.Save your file and upload (overwrite). … Read More


How to disable all countries and only allow India – OpenCart 3

Note: Status = 0 [Means Disable]Status = 1 [Means Enabled] Login to phpmyadmin Select your Database. Click on SQL Tab and Run this code: UPDATE ocdemo_country SET status = 0 … Read More

Opencart 3 change password via phpMyAdmin

How to change your OpenCart-3 Password in phpMyAdmin

– Log into cPanel and click on phpMyAdmin.– Select the database that your OpenCart webstore uses.– Under Database Find the “yourprefix_user” table and then click on “Edit“. – Click on … Read More



WebStore or Website – Choose the Best

How we sell our products? When we try to sell our products through websites, we follow these 5 steps: We generate lead or receive inquiries on email. Then, we start … Read More