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What is NormalEmail.dotm in Outlook

If you got the following error message:

“Outlook has detected a problem with the existing NormalEmail.dotm.
Would you like to create a new NormalEmail.dotm?

The NormalEmail.dotm is the default template file for email editing. that is related to the screen which comes up when you click on New Mail Message.

Just select Yes. You should not worry. This wont affect anything in your outlook.

Creating a new NormalEmail.dotm is supposed to be the final resolution. However, looking at what’s happening–with Outlook inherently taking longer to start–this could indicate a level of corruption within Outlook.

Another way you can try two things.
First, rename the NormalEmail.dotm.

How to Rename the normalemail.dotm
1. Close Outlook.
2. Open Run window (press and hold Windows key + R) then copy and paste the following text or go to folder.
3. C:\Users\es\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates
4. Right click on Normalemail.dotm and rename to Normalemail.old
Re-Start Outlook

Second, run OffCAT. The latter conducts deep scans in your Office installation in order to find the possible root cause.

What is NormalEmail.dotm in Outlook

Note: Some of the customization will be lost and the auto-correct will be reset.


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