WebStore or Website – Choose the Best

How we sell our products?

selling products through websites

When we try to sell our products through websites, we follow these 5 steps:

  1. We generate lead or receive inquiries on email.
  2. Then, we start follow-ups.
  3. Some cases – Meetings or Price Negotiations are necessary. We do.
  4. If customer agree then Order Execution. and Then
  5. Payment.

Generally this is the way we work.

Risks we face in this process:
Time Consuming :
Lead generate and convert in to orders. And..other is
Order Failed Risk: Mind change during follow-ups or sudden other problems.

If we try to sell products through WebStore!

selling products though WebStore

Placing a order in WebStore is quite easy. Now people know what is “Add to Cart” mean and how to place an order in e-commerce webstore. In a WebStore, customer needs to choose products and then click “Add to Cart” and follow “Checkout” process. Generally payment received in advance.

Now here we learned about..

If you are still confused, ask us directly what is best for your products and business.

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