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Blogging can be a great way to express your passion or as a full-time career. There are Many Ways to Make Money from Your Blog. Most popular & common ways #

  • Placing banner ads on blog site.
  • Writing sponsored posts.
  • Affiliate link on your site – Ex. Amazon Affiliate

Ads Source

There are many types of Blog you can create

Car and Car Accessories Blog Website and Make Money from Ads Banner

Car is most popular product. If you are passionate about cars, then this segment will suits you.

Create A Trip Advisor or Tour and Travels Blogging Site

If you inspired to explore the world after reading other people’s travel blogs. Travel blogs are a wonderful source for cool ideas & advice! Create A Complete travel blog .

Make A Latest Trends Fashion Blog, Bollywood Fashion Blog Site

Are you a fashion lover? Love to adivice, how to become more stylish today? Create your own professional blog, because fashion bloggers have answers to all your questions.


Create your blog and provide the latest updates of mobile apps and game apps. Earn from Apps promotion, Game promotion and Google AdSense.

Become a Gadget Guru, Design a Blog Website in Regional Language

Want to become a Gadget Guru and earn from a blog? Create a blog. Bring all the latest gadgets and their features in front of your blog visitors. If possible then write on regional language. Earn from Ads and Brand’s Product Promotional.

Design a Food Blogging Website

If you’re a street food lover and explorer. Why not create a blog? Write what you found this week or month. And if you’re interested on earning then earn from Ads. Ads Source – Google AdSense.

Women Health and Pregnancy Blogging Site

There are many health related websites and blogs all are in english, but very less in regional language. Create a women’s health related blog in regional language and educate help others.

Indian Spices Blogging Site

If you’re lover of taste of spices and you play with spices. Why not create a professional blog. Share the taste of spices and experiences. Teach others how to use that spice. Make your own fan club and earn from Ads.

what is in your mind? If you have idea, let’s build that.

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